Artists including Brian Eno, Roger Waters, and Kathleen Hanna sign letter in support of Lorde following Israel show cancellation

The New Zealand singer had been called a "bigot" in a full-page advert in the Washington Post

Artists including Brian Eno, Roger Waters, and Kathleen Hanna have signed a letter in support of Lorde following her cancelling a scheduled gig in Israel.

The New Zealand singer was due to perform in Tel Aviv on June 5, but announced on Christmas Eve the show was cancelled after facing a backlash from fans. They argued the concert would act as an endorsement of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

In a full-page advert taken out in the Washington Post by outspoken rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s This World: The Values Network, Lorde was branded a “bigot” for the decision. Now over 100 stars from film, theatre, and music have signed a letter supporting her “right to take a stand”.


Brian Eno, Roger Waters, Kathleen Hanna, Tom Morello, Tunde Adebimpe, Peter Gabriel, John Cusack, Viggo Mortensen, Juliet Stevenson, and Mark Ruffalo are among the signatories.

The letter read: “We write in support of Lorde, who made public her decision not to perform in Israel and has now been branded a “bigot” in a full page advertisement in the Washington Post.

“Shmuley Boteach, the author and promoter of the advert, supports Israel’s illegal settlements and wrote last month on Breitbart to thank Donald Trump for “electrifying the world” with his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in defiance of international law. He has nothing to teach artists about human rights.”

The letter concludes: “We deplore the bullying tactics being used to defend injustice against Palestinians and to suppress an artist’s freedom of conscience. We support Lorde’s right to take a stand.”


When the singer announced she would no longer be playing in Tel Aviv, she told fans she was “truly sorry to reverse my commitment to come play for you” and said she hoped “one day we can all dance”.