Artists wade into Steve Albini’s Steely Dan debate

Jenny Lewis, St. Vincent and Jason Isbell all pick their sides

A host of artists have waded in to share their thoughts on Steve Albini‘s comments about Steely Dan.

The producer and engineer took to Twitter earlier this week (February 6) to express his views on the New York rock band, writing: “I will always be the kind of punk that shits on Steely Dan.

“Christ the amount of human effort wasted to sound like an SNL band warm up.”


Albini then appeared to post pro-Steely Dan arguments before offering his rebuttals, including the suggestion that they “spent three weeks on the guitar solo”.

His comments have now seen a host of musicians wading into the debate with some artists, including Jenny Lewis and St. Vincent, backing Steely Dan.

“i fucking love steely dan,” wrote the former, with the latter adding: “For the record – I FUCKING LOVE STEELY DAN.”

Actor Ben Stiller also supported Lewis’ comment, writing: “Me too,” as did Small Black music who said: “It seems we are unlikely allies in the Dan Wars, @jennydianelewis!”


But a number of musicians including Jason Isbell backed Albini’s comments.

“My wife hates Steely Dan so much she’s starting a fan group called the Albini Babies,” wrote Isbell which prompted Albini to say: “Sir please pass on from me to your kind missus the highest appropriate compliment. She is a good woman. And now I’ll leave you be.”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra meanwhile said they were fans of Albini and Steely Dan.

They wrote: “ive always been a ‘both’ kinda guy.”

Steely Dan are yet to comment on Albini’s comments.

Albini previously hit out at Ricky Gervais’ “fucked up” Netflix special, describing him as an “anti-woke trans-bash” comedian.

Elsewhere, Albini has paid tribute to Sweep The Leg Johnny frontman Steve Sostak, who has died at the age of 49.

He said: “Good bands, good guy. He played pickup baseball and on the CMBA Red Sox with a bunch of other music guys, always a good hang there as well. Requiescat.”

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