Artwork by Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood to appear on billboards across the UK

"I’m trying to make pictures that elicit some kind of happiness"

Artwork by frequent Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood is set to appear on billboards across the UK.

The artist, who created the visuals for Radiohead’s albums ‘Kid A’, ‘OK Computer’ and ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ as well as Thom Yorke’s solo offering ‘The Eraser’, will be showing his artwork as part of the ‘Your Space or Mine’ project.

Teaming up with advertising specialists ‘BUILDHOLLYWOOD’ the artist has one piece on show called ‘Sol’ (pictured) which can currently be viewed in ten cities across the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


A larger piece of work called ‘Set’ will soon be displayed on 48 billboards across the UK.

Speaking to DiabolicalDonwood said: “I’m trying to make pictures that elicit some kind of happiness. It’s a novel concept for me.”

He added: “Both are from a new collection of work that I’ve made since the pandemic arrived. I was suddenly aware that a lot of my work was kind of depressing, and now everyone was depressed and didn’t need any nudging in that direction. So I tried to make work that was more cheerful. I am actively trying to cheer people up. It’s a new feeling and I quite like it.

“Responding creatively during the pandemic has actually been quite difficult because I hadn’t previously really appreciated how much my work was entangled with the idea of large groups of people gathering in crowded environments – I make artwork for band gigs and tours, for festivals. I had book launches and exhibition private views. All gone now. It’s a lot easier to see art in the street than in a gallery or a museum these days. The street is where I started, so I have an allegiance.”


Earlier this year, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien reassured Radiohead fans that the prospect of the band reconvening to make a new album “will definitely happen”.

Speaking to NME back in April, he said the band were having “online meetings” and “talking about stuff”. While he stressed that “for the foreseeable future, everyone is doing their own thing,” O’Brien did add that “when it feels right to plug back into Radiohead, then we will”.