A$AP Rocky drops an eccentric, tap-dancing trailer for ‘Babushka Boi’

Embrace the 'grandma' scarf

Last year, A$AP Rocky made fashion headlines when he donned a silk floral headscarf – what he called a “babushka”, the Russian word for “grandma” – for a gala. Now, the rapper has dropped an eccentric trailer for ‘Babushka Boi’, what seems like a new song named for the grandmotherly look.

The teaser clip, released Monday (August 26), asks the burning question up front: “Why does this black boy wear a babushka?” After a short scene of the rapper behind bars with dancing inmates – a likely reference to his monthlong incarceration in Sweden – what follows is a series of weird characters, with exaggerated make-up and prosthetics, speculating about Rocky’s fashion choice.

“Maybe he’s a battered housewife,” one quips, while another suggests that the rapper really is a “Russian grandma”. Then, Rocky himself appears, headscarf in place, tap-dancing in the spotlight while onlookers throw him flowers. It’s all quite Tyler, the Creator. Watch the trailer for yourself below:

‘Babushka Boi’ might be a new song that Rocky was performing live on tour before his arrest in Sweden. Fan-shot footage of 2019 shows in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota give a further preview of the as-yet-unreleased song:

It seems Rocky is wasting no time getting his music career back on track after the conclusion of his arrest in Sweden, a high-profile case which prompted solidarity from fellow rappers like Tyler, the Creator, Quavo and Tyga, as well as support from US President Donald Trump. The rapper was found guilty of assault earlier this month following a brawl in Stockholm in July, and was ordered to pay damages.