The band are forced to walk offstage when the power fails at the Anson Rooms...

An ASH show in BRISTOL was interrupted mid-set last night (April 27) after the ANSON ROOMS venue was struck by a total power cut.

The band were 20 minutes into their set when all electricity to the stage and concert hall shut down, plunging the venue at the city’s university into complete darkness and silence.

The band left the stage, but vocalist Tim Wheeler returned five minutes later with a torch – which he shone into his face to try to communicate with the restless audience.


He could be seen to shrug his shoulders, before turning the torchbeam onto his hand and projecting a huge V-sign shadow onto the ceiling!

Power was restored some 15 minutes later, but Ash scrapped the song they had been playing – ‘Submission’, from the new album ‘Free All Angels’ – in favour of the more appropriate former single ‘Shining Light’.

Speaking after power was restored Wheeler joked: “Electricity – it’s just not the same any more, is it?”

The current tour is Ash‘s first full UK jaunt since their trip around some smaller venues last year – though the early half of this year has seen numerous instore performances, fanclub freebies and afternoon acoustic slots around the country.

The cause of last night’s power outage is not known, and nobody was available for comment at the venue today.