The Portsmouth crowd are treated to virtually every hit - and some songs from the new album too...

ASH ripped into their UK tour with a mixed set of greatest hits, new tracks from the ‘FREE ALL ANGELS’ album, and a surprise cover version in PORTSMOUTH last night (Weds, April 25).

The band played almost every single they have released to date – from ‘Jack Names The Planets’ and ‘Petrol’ to ‘Shining Light’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’ in front

of a 1,200-strong crowd at Portsmouth Pyramids.

The sold-out gig marked the start of the band’s first “proper” tour since last

year’s mission around the B-list venues of Britain – although the last month has been peppered with sporadic freebie shows for fans, daytime acoustic sessions, a nationwide jaunt of instore record shop live sets… and even a snowboarding appearance on ‘Ski Sunday’!

The band deviated from last night’s planned setlist on more than a few occasions, adding a couple of extra songs to their set and getting confused over the running order. Before introducing ‘Goldfinger’, Tim Wheeler told the crowd: “You can tell it’s our first show, yeah? We meant to do this ten minutes ago – but we forgot!”

A surprise addition to the set was a rambling cover version of Weezer’s ‘Only In


‘Pacific Palisades’ from the new album (released on Monday, April 30) was given its first ever live airing, and guitarist Charlotte Hatherley pulled up a stool to play piano on ‘Sometimes’ – watched from the wings by her proud dad.

There was an unusually long delay between the main set and encores of ‘Petrol’, ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Walking Barefoot’ as bass guitarist Mark Hamilton spent ten minutes throwing up backstage!

Other songs played included: ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘A Life Less Ordinary’, ‘Submission’, ‘Jesus Says’, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Candy’, ‘Kung Fu’, ‘World Domination’ and set-closer ‘Numbskull’.