The band call in a clairvoyant to exorcise ghosts from their filming site...

ASH were caught up in a supernatural spook-fest last week when filming of a new documentary was interrupted so a clairvoyant could be brought in to exorcise the ghosts of 29 people from a building they were using.

The band were shooting in a derelict building formerly used by the Sierra Leone consulate in central London when things started to go wrong. Cameras wouldn’t work, things were going missing and there was an un-natural feeling of tension in the place.

So in stepped Sharon Neill, a blind Northern Irish clairvoyant who has previously been used by the police to help with missing persons and murder enquiries. Neill is a friend of Ash bassist Mark Hamilton. She helped him recently by, he says, cleansing him of three malevolent spirits who were using his body as a host. Neill> and Hamilton were due to re-enact some of the cleansing rituals for the documentary.


“She walked into this building and nearly froze,” Hamilton told NME.COM. “She said the place was teeming, crawling with spirits. As we walked up the steps she’d stop every now and then and shudder. They were spirits who effectively still thought they were alive, trying to reach someone who could see them.”

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