The band are playing a series of gigs in unusual places - let's hope they get the same reception elsewhere...

ASH brought music to rock-starved FALKIRK in the first of a series of gigs at the UK’s musical outposts this afternoon (April 6).

The band played a short but lively lunchtime set to a packed Virgin Records, foregoing the easy acoustic option often favoured in such gigs for a full-on electric set.

Their six-song, greatest hits set was performed in front of a devoted crowd of 300 fans – indeed vocalist Tim Wheeler dedicated opener ‘Girl from Mars’ to the crowd members who’d “been waiting since 8.30am this morning”.

The excitement of seeing their heroes clearly got the better of some audience members as some underwear was launched at the stage, only to be retrieved by Wheeler, who joked “these’ll come in handy for Rick later”.

The only new material played were new single ‘Burn Baby Burn’, which was released last Monday (April 2) and its B-side ‘Only in Dreams’.

The band played: ‘Girl From Mars’

‘Shining Light’

‘Burn Baby Burn’

‘A Life Less Ordinary’

‘Only In Dreams’

‘Kung Fu’

Ash also play a similar set at Virgin in Perth at 6pm today.