Fans are treated to a series of tracks from the eagerly-awaited 'Free All Angels' - and an impromptu Madonna cover...

ASH debuted acoustic versions of new songs off upcoming LP ‘FREE ALL ANGELS’ at a secret gig in LIVERPOOL last night (January 25), which included a short impromptu rendition of MADONNA’s ‘DON’T TELL ME’ by guitarist CHARLOTTE HATHERLEY.

The duo performed a set for winners of a contest on Liverpool radio station Juice FM, frontman Tim Wheeler, and Hatherley playing new track ‘Burn Baby Burn’ and rarity ‘Chinese New Year’ in their ten-song set.

The outfit also performed ‘Warmer Than Fire’ and current single, ‘Shining Light’, which is due out on Monday (January 29). The set was fraught with difficulties, as the group’s guitars had to be restrung several times, and Wheeler lost his voice during one song.

The two worked to make up for it by extending their five-song set to ten,

including covers of Mick Head and The Strands’ ‘Something Like You’ and Ween’s ‘What Deaner Was Talking About’. Hatherley also was coaxed into doing a short impromptu guitar rendition of Madonna’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

During a question and answer session Wheeler said he had high hopes for the success of the LP, which is due out mid-April.

“We’re pretty confident,” he said. “[The album’s got] really good tunes. We’ve just done it so we gotta say


Additionally the singer joked to fans the album was accessible through

the Internet, chuckling, “You can get that off Napster actually.”