Naked Tim Wheeler in sex, drugs and self mutilation shocker...

ASH‘s new single ‘Numbskull’, released on April 26 through Infectious, is accompanied by a controversial video featuring group sex, drug abuse, self-mutilation and a naked Tim Wheeler.

The video is unlikely to be shown on TV because of the graphic content.

Director Darran Tiernan told NME: “We were trying to explore a loss of innocence. This is a complete destruction of the image Tim still has to this day. It’s basically just sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.”


He added: “It’s not something that was preplanned to shock or get banned or anything like that. We basically locked ourselves in a hotel room with the two girls that were involved and the video’s just what happened over a 24-hour period.”

Tiernan had previously worked with the band shooting their recent tour documentary, but the release of that has now been postponed indefinitely. Insiders say the film will never be shown because Ash weren’t happy with its content.

‘Numbskull’ is taken from last year’s album ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ and sees Ash covering Nirvana‘s 1989 track ‘Blew’ and Mudhoney‘s ‘Who You Drivin’ Now’ as B-sides.

Fans can see the video soon on the band’s official web site at

Is this a case of pushing the boundaries of the pop video medium or boring bands courting controversy to make them seem more interesting? Can we expect to see Stereophonics shagging chickens next? Is an Ocean Colour Scene snuff movie on the cards? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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