Members of Ash and Feeder form new side project The Red The White And The Blue

Band announce plans to release concept album alongside comic series

Members of Ash and Feeder have formed a new side project – The Red The White And The Blue.

The band are working on a concept record with Suede and Pulp producer Ed Buller in conjunction with a series of comics entitled ‘The Balloonist’. Ash’s drummer Rick McMurray and Feeder bassist Taka Hirose have joined forces with singer Ed Loades and ex-Ivyrise guitarist Paul Cronin for the project.

Two tracks – ‘Crisis!’, which you can hear below, and ‘Flying With You’ – will be released in conjunction with the first two issues of ‘The Balloonist’ on November 1. A further eight tracks and comics will be released on the first day of each month with the full concept album and graphic novel available in April.

‘The Balloonist’ follows a love triangle between two feuding brothers and a girl that turns deadly. It is told over 10 songs and accompanying comic books, which will be released in print, traditional music formats, plus motion comic videos.

Cronin said:

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time and wanted to make it come alive as vividly as possible, combining the music and visuals to tell one story.

He added: “I still can’t quite believe I got to record an album with Rick and Taka, I’m just a massive fan.” For further information head to