Ash: ‘We never expected we’d be around for 20 years’ – video

The Northern Irish trio also open up about their love of The Stone Roses

Ash have spoken about their recent anniversary as a band and told NME that they never expected “to be around for 20 years”.

Speaking in a video which you can see at the top of the page, singer Tim Wheeler said that the band were amazed they’d made it this far as they’d “never planned more than six months ahead”.

Asked about the anniversary, he said: “We just had our 20th anniversary and we would have never expected to have got to this point. We’ve never planned more than six months in advance. It’s a good moment to take stock and ask yourself ‘Where have those years gone?’.”


Then asked what the secret to their longevity was, Wheeler said they put it down to “great team spirit”, saying: “The secret to us sticking around comes from the fact that we were school mates when we started the band and we still really want to keep doing it. Anytime there’s been tough times, we’ve worked really hard to get through it. We’ve got a great team spirit.

The singer also said that the band hadn’t started working on new material as yet, but were planning to record again in the autumn. He explained: “We’ve not done anything yet. We’ll probably get started in the autumn, start recording and see where it goes.”

Wheeler also spoke about the band’s recent covers EP ‘Little Infinity’, on which they’ve covered the likes of David Bowie, Abba and The Beatles.

He said of this: “We’ve just put a covers EP. We’ve had the tracks kicking around for a while. Whenever we’re doing a session, we quite often record a cover just to see how things are going and go back and dissect it. We’ve covered Abba, The Beatles, The Strokes, Beach Boys, Carly Simon. A lot of big hitters. It’s called ‘Little Infinity’.”

Wheeler also opened up about his band’s love of The Stone Roses and spoke about his work on Spike Island, the new film based on the reunited band’s legendary show in 1990.

Asked about the Stone Roses and the film, the singer said: “Me and Rick are pretty big Stone Roses fans. We used to listen to them all the time. Especially that first album, we were obsessed with it. I’ve just done the score for the ‘Spike Island’ film too, which is the story of some kids trying to get their demo to Ian Brown.”


Ash play Guilfest and York’s Galtres Festival later this summer.