Ash confirm album tracks

They say it’s shaping up to be their best LP yet

Ash have revealed the tracks they will record for their as-yet untitled album due out next year.

Out of 30 songs, the band unanimously selected 14 to record, although not all will definitely be on the album.

On the their Myspace page the band wrote: “Some we may hold on to and re-work in the future. ‘Projects’ was left off ‘1977’ at the time, ‘Envy’ didn’t cut it for ‘Free All Angels’, and ‘Burn Baby Burn’’s’ early incarnation never made it on ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’.”

And they’re very happy with the progress they’ve made so far:

“The overall sound of the album is kinda hard to describe but it’s very melodic, all the backing tracks are being cut live and it’s got a great feel. It has hints of our previous records but its’ new Ash … it’s fresh, it’s exciting and it’s shaping up to be our best album yet…”

Plus the songs have already got the thumbs up from a fellow Irish visitor to their studio.

Nathan (Connolly) from Snow Patrol was here last week and after hearing a few demo’s he said it was already better than their (Snow Patrol’s) record.”

The tracks to be recorded are:

‘The Girl Who Can’t Be Owned’

‘You Can’t Have It All’

‘Suicide Girls’

‘Polaris’ (previously ‘Piano Song’)

‘Roulette’ (previously ‘Keep It In’)

‘Princess Six’


‘What Is The Meaning?’



‘Shattered Glass’

‘Dark And Stormy’

‘End Of The World’

‘In Hell’

The band are set to play a free show at The Annex, New York on October 5.