Ash close to completing new album

Tim Wheeler reckons the trio have nine singles to choose from

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has revealed that his band already have nine potential singles lined up as they put the finishing touches to their fifth album.

The trio, who are recording in their Manhattan studio, are hoping to complete mixing sessions by the end of January before unleashing their first single in March.

Wheeler has laid down vocals for four songs and he is hoping to have 14 completed by the end of the month, according to an interview on the band’s official website

“I’m going to try to do a song every day,” he explained. “I’ve got the first draft of lyrics from when we did the demos, but there’s verses I wanna change and lines that I wasn’t totally happy with. So I’ll go through and edit everything, spend an afternoon just working on a particular song’s lyrics and then sing that song that night.

“There’s one song, ‘Shattered Glass’, which we recorded already in the summer, but I want to redo two of the verses for that, just to get them better. And then there’s 13 others to do.”

He went on, “By the end of January it should be completely mixed. Then the record company needs four months to do all the preparation for release.”

Songs recorded so far include:

‘Girl Who Can’t Be Owned’

‘Suicide Girls’



‘Princess Six’


‘Dark and Stormy’

‘You Can’t Have It All’

‘End of the World’


‘Shattered Glass’


‘What Is The Meaning?’

‘In Hell’