The band celebrate St Patrick's Day with a very special guest...

ASH teamed up with a THIN LIZZY legend at their ST PATRICK’S DAY spectacular last night (March 17).

The Irish punks rounded off their club tour with a fan-only show at London Islington Carling Academy , and before the encore they introduced a special guest – guitarist Brian Robertson.

Tim Wheeler said: “I’m not sure if we’re fit to lick the dirt off his boots,” before launching into Thin Lizzy hit ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’, which he dedicated to late frontman Phil Lynott, and declared “should be adopted as the Irish national anthem”.

Robertson remained onstage for the two-song encore of ‘Darkside/Lightside’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’.

Like the rest of the tour, last night’s show saw the band showcase a mammoth eleven songs from their new album ‘Meltdown’, including singles ‘Clones’ and ‘Orpheus’ alongside ‘Starcrossed’, ‘Evil Eye’ and ‘Vampire Love’.

After the show, an emotional Tim Wheeler told NME.COM: “I fucking loved it. Especially playing ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ with Brian Robertson, he’s one of my greatest guitar heroes, one of the best living guitarists, I think.”

He also explained the peculiar genesis of the collaboration: “I saw him walking round a music shop I used to go to in London, this was about seven years ago, and it took me about five years to work up the courage to say hello to him one day, and I gave him our album. He came round my house to play guitars, and he showed me the chords to ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’. What a tune.”

Otherwise, the eventful gig saw actor James Nesbitt down the front of the moshpit, and ‘Spaced’ star Simon Pegg slightly further back.

Wheeler told NME.COM: “I’m not sure even everyone in England knows when St George’s Day is, but St Patrick’s Day is an internationally celebrated event. It’s brilliant.”

Ash release a new single ‘Orpheus’, next month, followed by the album ‘Meltdown’ in May.