Ash at work on new album

They reveal song titles

Ash have begun work on the follow-up to 2004 album ’Meltdown’.

According to an interview with drummer Rick McMurray posted on the band’s, the three-piece have finished two songs.

’Shattered Glass’ and ’Suicide Girls’ were both demoed in New York.

The band have 27 songs written for the new album, but have yet to decide on a producer for the project.

Of ’Suicide Girls’ McMurray said: “It’s very much straight ahead pop with a blazing Thin Lizzy-esque guitar solo in the middle.”

He described ’Shattered Glass’ as: “a really weird song that (singer) Tim (Wheeler) had on an acoustic guitar which he thought was just gonna be a B-side. But me and (bassist) Mark (Hamilton) heard it and decided it was pretty damn cool, so we started playing around with it and turned into a bit of a monster. It’s like a five-minute epic.”

The album is expected to be released in the first half of 2007, and will be their first following the departure of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley.

Hatherley is currently working on the follow up to her 2004 debut solo LP ’Grey Will Fade’.