A new clip will be finished in time for the new release date…

ASH have pulled the video for their single ‘RENEGADE CAVALCADE’ and have put back the release of their single as a result.

The band were due to release the song, taken from the band’s album ‘Meltdown’ on November 1. However, that’s now been put back to November 15 with a new video to follow.

The band’s manager said: “I have pulled the video. We were all on holiday and the record company made it in our absence. None of us like it (especially me)… but we’ll probably let you have it as an extra on the DVD single.”


As previously reported, the band are planning to return to the studio next year following a support on [a][/a]’ end of year arena tour.

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The band have said they plan to record an acoustic album which will be released as a stop-gap while they tour North America in 2005.

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