Charlotte Hatherley gets ready to got it alone...

ASH guitarist CHARLOTTE HATHERLEY is set to release her solo album this summer.

Fresh from releasing her third album ‘Meltdown’ with Ash, the rock idol is wasting no time, and releases ‘Grey Will Fade’ on August 16 through Double Dragon.

It will be preceded by download only single ‘Kim Wilde’ via [url=] on June 7, and a full-scale single release, ‘Summer’, on August 2.

‘Grey Will Fade’ was recorded alongside ‘Meltdown’ in Los Angeles, with producer Eric Drew Feldman, formerly of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band.

The album’s title track originally appeared as a B-side to Ash single ‘There’s A Star’, and fan reactions were so positive she decided to press ahead with her own album.

However, Hatherley was quick to point out that her solo venture will not mean she is leaving Ash. She said: “It’s amazing to be a member of such a great rock band, plus to be able to see my own solo project through to the finished album. How lucky am!”