Ash get to work on new album

The three-piece have already got 27 songs

Ash have started working on new material for their forthcoming album.

The band, who are currently holed up in a New York studio, have already got 27 ‘rough songs’ to choose from for their as yet-untitled-fifth record.

Speaking on the band’s official website frontman Tim Wheeler said: “They’re all arranged and sounding good as a band. I’ve still got to write most of my lyrics, though. I always write the melody and the music to begin with.”

Since guitarist Charlotte Hatherley left the band earlier this year to pursue her solo career, Ash have continued to work as a three-piece.

“The sound we’re getting playing in a room with just the three of us has been really exciting,” said Wheeler.

“We’d quite like to capture that three-piece live band sound, but then embellish it with other interesting stuff. We’re planning on producing the record ourselves and we’ve become very proficient with recording techniques and software like Pro Tools, so there might be a more experimental approach too. We’re just trying to figure out how that will work.”

The singer also hinted that the album is likely to be more retro sounding than any of their previous material.

He went on: “I like this tight 70s guitar band sound that’s around quite a lot at the moment. And I’ve been listening to a lot of older records, stuff like Bo Diddly. Those records were probably just recorded with a couple of microphones in a room, but to me it sounds awesome.”

Ash plan to start recording the follow up to 2004’s ‘Meltdown’ later this month, with a release date scheduled for next spring.

No shows are planned for the remainder of the year but Wheeler says Ash are hoping to test out their new songs ‘in tiny New York bars’ once the album is completed.