The band get set to go to Skywalker Ranch to meet George Lucas...

ASH have confirmed rumours that they will meet with GEORGE LUCAS at his SKYWALKER RANCH next month

The band, who release new single ‘Orpheus’ on May 3, will meet with the ‘Star Wars’ producer when the band fly to California for the Coachella festival in May.

“We’re talking to George Lucas about doing some stuff,” explained frontman Tim Wheeler, a ‘Star Wars’ obsessive. “I can’t really say what it’ll be for. It’s about games and films as well but I can’t be any more specific. We’re going over to play Coachella (May 1-2) and we’ve been invited to the Skywalker Ranch to meet just after that.

“It’s weird, this year a lot of our dreams seem to be coming true. We’re getting to go to Skywalker Ranch, we’ve been recording where Nirvana made

‘Nevermind’ and Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy played guitar with us onstage. It’s been great.”

The band will embark on a UK tour in May, with Saves The Day and The Crimea, in support of their new album ‘Meltdown’, which is released on May 17.

The tour dates are: