Tim Wheeler and Charlotte Hatherley celebrate the release of 'Free All Angels' with a six-song set...

ASH celebrated the US release of their album ‘FREE ALL ANGELS’ last night (June 26) in BOSTON.

Frontman Tim Wheeler and guitarist Charlotte Hatherley performed a six-song acoustic set at Boston’s famous independent record store, Newbury Comics while drummer Rick McMurray, bassist Mark Hamilton and a store full of fans looked on.

Wheeler and Hatherley played songs from all of their previous albums, including ‘Shining Light’, ‘Walking Barefoot’, ‘Girl From Mars’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’, as well as their first ever single, ‘Jack Names the Planets’ and ‘Folk Song’.

Wheeler also quoted Nelly as part of his inter-song banter with the enthusiastic crowd. “It’s getting pretty hot in here, so if anybody wants to start taking off their clothes,” he joked mid-set.

Overall, the band seemed in good spirits. Wheeler smiled for pictures with squealing female fans during his guitar solos while McMurray, no longer sporting his Mohican haircut, picked up a box set of Motown singles.