It's all gonna go a bit darker...


say their next album is a “lot more experimental” and is influenced by the sounds and ideas featured in their short film ‘LOVE AND DESTRUCTION’.

Singer Tim Wheeler composed all the music for the film electronically, and has stated he is hoping “to push the sonics of the band a lot more”.

Now guitarist Charlotte Hatherly has told XFMthat the follow-up to 2001’s ‘Free All Angels’ should reflect the darker music heard in the film.

She said: “We’re only just starting to get the songs together for the new album….Tim has been writing a lot on his computer. He’s been f***ing around with loops and stuff like that, like the stuff in the documentary, so we’ll see.”

Ash‘s future plans include a previously announced gig with Supergrass at the London Royal Albert Hall on March 28. They are also confirmed to play V2003 in Chelmsford and Stafford over the weekend of August 16 and 17.