Ash return with new single ‘Buzzkill’ from upcoming album ‘Islands’

It's their first album since 2015's 'Kablammo!'

Ash have returned with a new single ‘Buzzkill’ from upcoming album ‘Islands’. Scroll below to listen.

‘Islands’ is the band’s seventh record to date and their first since 2015’s ‘Kablammo!’. It’s be released on May 18 and sees the band return to label Infectious Music.

‘Buzzkill’ features The Undertones’ Damien O’Neill and Mickey Bradley on backing vocals. Listen beneath.


Tim Wheeler says of the track: “The day I wrote ‘Buzzkill’, it took me a while to stop laughing cos it’s so fun, dumb and full of unnecessary swearing. We used to know a band called Buzzkill in Belfast in the 90s and I think their name has been in my mind for all that time wanting to get into a song.”

“Having seen The Undertones playing a couple of times recently I was guiltily thinking how much the backing vocals I’d written for ‘Buzzkill’ were mimicking their style. So I thought it would only be right to ask Damien (O’Neill) and Mickey (Bradley) to sing on it and we were honoured when that they said yes, despite all the filthy cussing. It’s a fun song and will hopefully ignite a few mosh-pits for us this year.”

The tracklist for ‘Islands’ is below:

‘True Story’
‘Confessions In The Pool’
‘All That I Have Left’
‘Don’t Need Your Love’
‘Did Your Love Burn Out?’
‘Silver Suit’
‘It’s A Trap’
‘Is It True?’
‘Incoming Waves’

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