Ashanti discusses ‘very annoying’ alleged stalker on US chat show ‘Meredith’

R&B singer has allegedly been followed by stalker since 2003

Ashanti has discussed her anger at an alleged stalker who is said to have followed her since 2003.

Ashanti admitted she was worried about her safety after the man, who cannot be named, allegedly resumed stalking her following his release from prison in 2013. He is currently on trial over the allegations.

Talking on US chat show Meredith, Ashanti said: “It’s very annoying to take time off work for court and stuff. I have to go back to court again this month and I am not thrilled at all.”

Ashanti admitted she was worried for her safety. She told host Meredith Viera: “You don’t know how far someone will go. I have a mouth on me, and if I say something a little crazy I don’t know what’s going to happen after that. So it’s just being strong and keeping your composure. At the same time, I’m very feisty, so if things aren’t going the right way, I have something to say.”

Ashanti, who released her fifth album Braveheart in 2014, also discussed her on-off ten-year relationship with Nelly. She said: “When people have their own insecurities, it allows them to act out of character. I have been betrayed. I’m not a big fan of people being cowards. I’m in a different place right now.”