Asian Dub Foundation man launches TV show on Al Jazeera

Chandrasonic's 'Music Of Resistance' is available to watch now

Asian Dub Foundation‘s Steve Chandra Savale (aka Chandrasonic) is to present a documentary series examining the influence of music on world politics on Al Jazeera.

Called ‘Music Of Resistance’, the programme sees Chandrasonic travel the globe in an effort to document those who fight repression and injustice via song.

Chandrasonic‘s own band are featured in the programme, which also sees him spend time with Tinariwen in northern Mali and Fela Kuti‘s son Sean in Lagos, as well as travelling to Mozambique, Lisbon and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

He explained that the idea was to capture people who use music as a political force, reports The Quietus.

‘Music Of Resistance’ is about music that has been itself created from social/political struggle, usually by people at the lower rungs of society,” he said. “Bono is a top-down activist. Our take starts from the bottom up.

“I’ve lived in the desert for a week with Tinariwen, been surrounded by teenagers with guns in a Rio favela, and spent time in the Kalakuta Republic and a commune in Lagos founded by Fela Kuti.”

Parts of the programme are available to watch online now.