Imran Khan admits responsibility for the confusion surrounding ADF's no-show at a tribute gig to murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence...

The STEPHEN LAWRENCE family solicitor IMRAN KHAN has admitted responsibility for the confusion surrounding ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION‘s no-show at a benefit for the murdered black teenager and apologised to fans.

“It’s my fault,” he told NME.COM this morning (April 25). “Back in February when we were organising the event, Nic [Careem, promoter] asked me if I knew anyone who could play. I said Asian Dub Foundation, because I know the singer.

“It was silly because I don’t really understand these things. I got busy and forgot to ask and then of course didn’t realise they were touring Brazil at the time.

“It was all a mix-up and I wanted to apologise.”

As previously reported on NME.COM (click here), a number of fans had felt duped that they had paid to see both Asian Dub Foundation and Massive Attack, both of whom had been initially billed to appear at the London Kentish Town Forum on the eighth anniversary of Lawrence’s death. Stephen was murdered in a race attack by a gang of white youths while standing at a bus-stop in south London in 1993. No one has ever been successfully prosecuted for his murder.

The event was held to raise cash for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, an organisation established by his family to provide bursaries for architectural students with ability, but without the means, in Britain, Jamaica and South Africa.