Put your questions to the ex-Stone Rose...

Asian Dub Foundation will be webchatting on at 3pm, prior to their headline slot for the third night of the NME Premier Shows.

It’s your chance to quiz Dr Das, rapper Deeder Zaman, DJ Pandit G, Chandrasonic and new recruit Sun-Jon on their new album ‘Community Music’, their radical agenda, the latest on the Free Satpal Ram case and how they feel about headlining the NME Premier Shows.

Click here to read the transcript of the webchat with Asian Dub Foundation

Check out the Asian Dub Foundation minisite on by clicking here

You will be able to webchat with Aziz at 5pm on the new album, working with ex-Smiths, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke and ex-Stone Rose, Mani.

Click here for the webchat with Aziz

The ADF, Regular Fries, Aziz and Invasian show will be webcast on Friday January 28 at 7pm on by VirtueTV

Tonight’s (27 January) webcast at 7pm features Feeder, A, Terris and My Vitriol.

The remainder of the shows will follow this format, being broadcast the day after at 7pm, with the exception of the final gig that will be broadcast two days after to allow you to see the NME Premier Awards live as it happens.

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