The prisoner faces a parole hearing next week - and the campaigners hope the London show of support will encourage the Government to release him...

Asian Dub Foundation will be joined by Massive Attack, CHUMBAWUMBA and other names from UK music and television at a demonstration in LONDON on Monday (September 18) to call again for the release of prisoner SATPAL RAM.

The band are encouraging members of the public to join them outside the Home Office on Queen Anne’s Gate in London at midday to mark the parole hearing for Ram and to encourage the government to again review his imprisonment. Ram was jailed in 1987. He defended himself during a racist attack and his attacker subsequently died. ADF and Primal Scream have long been notable campaigners calling for his release.

Deedar, ADF singer, told that the hearing was long overdue.

He added: “The main thing is that they’re finally going to meet to decide whether to continue holding him or to release him. It is the first time this happened. This thing has been going on for almost 13 and a half years. It’s well overdue.”

Though Satpal Ram faces the Parole Board on Monday, it could take anything up to nine months for them to decide on his fate. This would take Ram well into the 15th year of a sentence that was originally supposed to last no longer than 11. He faces the board at Full Sutton prison. He has been moved almost 60 times during his sentence.

ADF, call Ram‘s imprisonment “a gross miscarriage of justice”, are also calling on people to write to the Parole Board pledging support for the prisoner.

For further details and a chance to sign the online petition calling for Ram’s release see [url=]