Legal team will be headed by Birmingham Six lawyer Gareth Peirce...

The Asian Dub Foundation-hosted ‘Free Satpal Ram’ night at London’s Scala venue has raised more than #8,000 towards campaign funds.

The night, which took place last Monday (November 22), featured DJ sets from the ADF Soundsystem, Clinton, Annie Nightingale and Primal Scream bassist Mani as well as live performances from Asian dance acts Invasian and Salaam & Funk.

The money will be used to fund Satpal Ram‘s legal team, led by Birmingham Six lawyer Gareth Peirce, who are building their case to have Satpal released on parole.

Speaking to NME on the night of the event, ADF‘s Pandit G said: “Everything went great. The support we’ve had tonight has been fantastic and we’re thankful to everyone who’s come and given their time.

“We’re fighting on, we won’t give up until he’s released.”

“You can only get parole if you show remorse for the crime you’ve committed and he ain’t going to show remorse because he never committed a crime. He’s an innocent man.

“If this had happened know after Steven Lawrence and Ricky Reel he wouldn’t have even touched prison but because it happened in 1986 and the Tories were in power then, you know…law and order.”

On November 16, 1986, Satpal was involved in an altercation with six white men at the Sky Blue Restaurant on Birmingham’s Lozell Road. The argument started after the men allegedly objected to the Asian music being played in the restaurant and made remarks like “We don’t want no Paki-Wog music!”

After being attacked with a wine glass, Satpal produced a pen knife and his attacker was left with two wounds in his back. He later died.

Bobby Gillespie said the previous week at the protest outside the Home Office: “He defended himself, which I would say was a human right. If they’re attacking you with knives, bottles, glasses, plates, tables, chairs, six against one and then during the course of the fight you kill one of them, you didn’t mean to kill ’em, but you were defending yourself.

“He’s a political prisoner, the whole thing is a racial thing and because he’s a working class man.”

ADF have now completed their second album ‘Community Music’ and will release it next spring through London Records.

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