Who'd have thought it, eh?...

ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION EDUCATION, the youth music foundation set up by ADF, is one of the groups set to benefit from a new scheme to improve access to music making for young people.

The new project, co-ordinated by the National Foundation for Youth Music, targets 20 ‘Youth Music Action Zones’ across the UK – providing music making opportunities for young people in areas of social and economic need. £10 million will be invested across the country.

Speaking about the project, Culture Secretary Chris Smith said: “Music makes a significant contribution to the all round development of children and young people. It contributes to greater confidence, and better communication and social skills.


“This scheme will give children and young people in areas with least access to music making, the chance to get involved in a range of musical activities.”

Famously, Asian Dub Foundation formed at a London community music project in 1993. The band have subsequently set up their own foundation to help youth music, Asian Dub Foundation Education. The centre, based in Brent helps new artists with tuition, recording studios and other musical education. The first band to benefit from the foundation, Invasion, performed live at the London launch in this morning (December 14).

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