Ask Siri how old Bob Dylan is – apparently he died 11 years ago

Ok then....

It turns out that if you ask Siri how old Bob Dylan is, Apple’s virtual voice assistant will say that he died 11 years ago.

The bizarre glitch – seemingly discovered by Vice – informs the user that the music icon passed away on April 24 2008. Dylan, 78, is of course still very much alive.

Additionally, the result that Siri presents pulls up an information box in which conflicting, present tense language is used: “Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter”.


Bob Dylan whiskey
Bob Dylan

The mishap has been unearthed on the same day (September 19) that Dylan announced the release of a rare and infamous session he held with Johnny Cash in 1969.

The ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ singer is due to release the 15th instalment of his ‘Bootleg Sessions’ series on November 1 via Columbia/Legacy Records. The new release – officially titled ‘Travelin’ Thru, 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15’ – will catalogue Dylan’s two years spent in Nashville including the previously unheard fruits of his studio sessions with Cash.

Vice also notes that it isn’t the first time Apple has spread incorrect information via its virtual assistant. Siri once mistakenly claimed that John Travolta was dead in 2017 (Travolta is alive – he’s 65 years old ).

It also said that Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee had died in July of 2018, five months before his actual death.