Charlie Sheen offers Asking Alexandria slot on his US tour – video

Hollywood actor spots Brit band on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Charlie Sheen has offered the opening slot on his US tour to British metal band Asking Alexandria.

Sheen is currently taking his ‘My Violent Torpedo Of Truth’ stand up tour around US venues to mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Sheen reportedly spotted Asking Alexandria while the band were performing live on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (April 11), and offered the band an opening slot on his tour.


Sadly, the British metal mob released a statement explaining that they have to turn down Sheen‘s offer.

They said: “Asking Alexandria were extremely flattered by the offer and are big fans of Sheen, but unfortunately, current touring obligations prevented them from accepting this high-profile slot.”

“The group would like to publicly thank Sheen for this special invite and promise him that the tiger’s blood runs deep in all of them. Sheen claims to be a rockstar from Mars, but the real question is if he can hang with these British titans. Hopefully their paths will cross one of these days. Winning!”

You can see a video of the band performing track ‘Closure’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – scroll down and click below to view it.

Asking Alexandria will tour the UK later this month.