Astrid S shares ‘behind the scenes’ video for ‘Breathe’

Get to know the rising 'lush pop' star

Astrid S has shared behind the scenes footage from her latest video, ‘Breathe’. Check it out with our interview Q&A below.

The rising Nordic star has wracked up millions of hits on YouTube, with her slick, playful but elegiac electro-pop – as well as an army of fans that travel across the world and camp outside venues for hours upon hours just to see her live. Now, her latest video has been given a fittingly blockbuster treatment.

“I worked with some amazing directors,” Astrid told NME about the video. “Two girls from Sweden under the umbrella of Cherry Cobra Films. They did a great job with making the video look kind of cinematic. They built the set and made every scene look amazing. Our idea was to catch that vibe, because we wanted the retro vibe.”


She continued: “It’s just supposed to be a fun and exciting video to watch! With a little girl power and the «Us against the world» feeling.

When asked about her own movie heroes, Astrid said: “I think a Swedish girl named Pippi is my movie hero, and someone who really has influenced me. She’s a small girl from Sweden who believed she could do any thing, beat any boy and break the rules. Just like me when I was little. I could watch her movies all day!”

Read our full interview with Astrid S below

How representative would you say that ‘Breathe’ is of the sound of the rest of your upcoming EP?

“It’s hard to tell. I think that everything I write somehow has to have a similar sound. If it’s not the production, maybe the melodies or the lyrics. I’m very involved in the production of my songs. I know what I like and what I don’t like. So I would say that ‘Breathe’ somehow represents the EP but some songs are more urban, less pop, more pop. They are different in their own way.”


How’s progress on that? When do you think we’ll be able to hear it?

“It’s been done for a while. And we also have all the dates set for when I’m releasing more songs and the EP… stay tuned! I wish I could just release everything tomorrow for everyone to hear!”

There’s a certain longing to your music, is that true of the rest of your upcoming album?

“That depends on what you mean by “longing.” I would say it’s a youthful sound. Fun pop. Or maybe lush is the word to describe it! Lush pop. It has edge, sadness, fun songs, serious and less serious songs. The songs all have similarities, but in a way they’re really different.”

Your fans are incredibly and intensely dedicated. What do you think it is about what you do that inspires that kind of reaction in them?

“I hope it’s because they feel like we’re friends. That they’re rooting for their friend, or maybe their neighbour. I talk to them like I do with my best friends, and when we spend time together I feel like we’ve known each other forever. It might be cliche, but I care about them so much! They are so nice to me.”

What do you think your fans expect of you?

“I have no idea! I just think they want me to be happy and stay grounded. But for the upcoming music I really don’t know. I just hope I don’t disappoint them!”

Astrid S’ upcoming tour dates are below.
Webster Hall, New York City – 16 May
Troubadour, Los Angeles – 17 May
Scala, London – 23 May

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