Astroid Boys to go on an indefinite “hiatus” after their current tour ends

The Cardiff collective will draw things to a close at the end of this month

Cardiff’s Astroid Boys have announced they are to go on an indefinite hiatus after their current tour ends in January. The band are known for their eclectic genre-mashing, which fuses grime, punk and metal.

Posting on Facebook, vocalist Benji Kendell announced the hiatus after confirming rumours that several members of the band had already left.

Kendell also cited that his own mental health issues had played a part in the decision.


Hi, Benji here. I’d like to first apologise for the confusion over the past few months regarding AB. Some of the key…

Posted by Astroid Boys on Sunday, January 6, 2019

In the statement, Kendell said: “I’d like to first apologise for the confusion over the past few months regarding AB. Some of the key members have indeed left the band and there will be a hiatus from the end of this tour. I’ve not been handling the changes very well and I guess my mental health hit the ground. I said some things and posted some things that left people confused and angry.”

Kendell went on to explain the situation further, adding that he now felt he should have left the band with the other members.

He added: “I was pissed that the boys didn’t want to make any more AB music. I wanted to keep AB going and was willing to do anything to make that happen. I made a mistake. I should have left with the others and saved the AB legacy but instead I booked more shows and let myself fall into a pit of depression.”

Kendell continued: “I’ve had a good few weeks over Christmas and new year and I’m ready to smash these last few shows. I guess what I’m saying is that after this tour and the 2 local shows that have been agreed, I won’t be playing any more AB shows or making any AB inspired music.

“It’s done! So if u want one more chance to vibe out to ‘posted’ ‘dusted’ ‘dirt’ ‘minging’ etc etc.. please buy tickets and help me say goodbye to the most exciting thing that I have ever been a part of.”


Reviewing the band in 2016, NME wrote: “[Astroid Boy] are proof that the future of alternative music is in safe hands – The Radio 1Xtra Stage is rammed with teenagers moshing to Astroid Boys’s genre-melding tunes, pulling gun fingers and mounting the shoulders of fellow audience members to crowd surf to the front.

“Today’s early doors show is chaotic and anarchic, the songs sounding more guitar-based than on record, underlining the fact that grime is the new punk: DIY, fiercely independent, a self-contained community that emerged from underground culture.”

The remaining tour dates for Astroid Boys’ shows are listed below. You can buy any remaining tickets here.

January 11 – Bedford, Esquires
January 15 – Brighton, The Haunt
January 16 – Leeds, The Key Club
January 17 – Wrexham, The Live Rooms
January 18 – Bolton, Alma
January 19 – Newcastle, Digital
January 20 – Sheffield, The Mulberry Bar and Venue