Asylums share home footage video for potent new single ‘Platitudes’

It includes lyrics inspired by David Cronenberg, J. G. Ballard and Stephen King

Asylums have shared their newest single ‘Platitudes’, the third taste of their forthcoming album ‘Genetic Cabaret’ which was recorded with acclaimed Nirvana and Pixies producer Steve Albini.

The Southend four-piece have also released a video for the fast-paced and scuzzy single, which makes use of home footage detailing some of their highlights so far.

“It’s going to sound weird, but I initially wrote ‘Platitudes’ using an old 808 drum machine and a synth, I was listening to loads of electronic film music at the time because I wanted a more angular and dystopian feel for ‘Genetic Cabaret’  than our previous album ‘Alien Human Emotions’,” said frontman Luke Branch.


“By the time we started developing the track as a band this song was sped up to almost hysterical levels and the fuzz pedals came back out. Lyrically it’s certainly influenced by some of the empty political messaging that was going on in early 2019 but spliced together with some topics present in the David Cronenberg, J. G. Ballard and Stephen King work I was obsessing over during its incubation.”

The band release ‘Genetic Cabaret’ on July 17 via their own label Cool Thing. The full tracklist is as follows:

1. ‘Catalogue Kids’
2. ‘Platitudes’
3. ‘A Perfect Life In A Perfect World’
4. ‘A Town Full Of Boarded Up Windows’
5. ‘Clean Money’
6. ‘Who Writes Tomorrows Headlines?’
7. ‘The Distance Between Left & Right’
8.  ‘The Miracle Age’
9. ‘Adrenaline Culture’
10. ‘Yuppie Germs’
11. ‘Genetic Cabaret’
12. ‘Dull Days’

Asylums first announced their return with the single ‘Catalogue Kids‘ in February, which was followed by the timely ‘A Perfect Life In A Perfect World’ in April.

The band are also set to headline the MOTH Club in London on October 24, coronavirus restrictions permitting.