At The Drive-In guitaritst to release 12 solo albums

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez will release the albums every fortnight until December

At The Drive-In guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has announced he’s going to release 12 solo albums.

The guitarist recorded the songs over a period of five years, between 2008-13, while he was living in El Paso, Texas and Zapopan, Mexico.

The albums will be released via Ipecac Records online, with CDs only available at Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo shows. The first album, ‘Sworn Virgins’, will be released next week (July 15). The remaining 11 albums will be released every fortnight until ‘Some Need It Lonely’ is out on December 16. They will then be compiled into a box-set available on CD and vinyl.

The albums are entitled ‘Sworn Virgins’, ‘Corazones’, ‘Blind Worms Pious Swine’, ‘Aranas En La Sombrera’, ‘Umbrella Mistress’, ‘El Bien Y Mal Nos Une’, ‘Cell Phone Bikini’, ‘Infinity Drips’, ‘Weekly Mansions’, ‘Zapopan’, ‘Nom De Guerre Cabal’ and ‘Some Need It Lonely’.

The album announcement comes shortly after At The Drive-In cancelled the remainder of their second reunion tour. A show at New York’s Terminal 5 was scrapped on the night of the show on June 17, with the remaining shows cancelled the day after. The shows were postponed as singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala had throat problems.

Since initially splitting in 2001, At The Drive-In reformed for a tour in 2012. Guitarist Jim Ward left the band for a second time, before the tour this year which featured Sparta guitarist Keeley Davis taking Ward’s place. The band have yet to release any new music since 2000’s ‘Relationship Of Command’ album.