Another chance to remember the El Paso favourites...

The best of [url=]AT THE DRIVE-IN has been compiled for a new anthology this summer.

June 6 sees the release of ‘This Station Is Non-Operational’ by V2, a collection put together in conjunction with original label Fearless and approved by members of the band.

As well as tracks from the band’s four albums, the anthology also features covers of Mars Volta (‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes’) and Pink Floyd (‘Take My Stethoscope and Walk’).

A bonus DVD collects the videos for ‘One Armed Scissor’, ‘Invalid Litter Dept’, ‘Metronome Arthritis’ as well as a discography, wallpaper and buddy icons.

The anthology takes its name from a lyric in the band’s breakthrough tune ‘One Armed Scissor’, shortly after the release of which, in 2001, the band announced an ‘indefinite hiatus’.

Members then went on to form [/a] and [a].

The tracklist for ‘This Station Is Non-Operational’ is:


’Picket Fence Cartel’



’Napoleon Solo’


’Doorman’s Placebo’



’One Armed Scissor’


’Non Zero Possibility’



’Rascuache (Vaya Remix)

’This Night Has Opened My Eyes’

’Initiation (BBC Lamacq Session)

’Take My Stethoscope And Walk’