Crowd surfing causes the band to stop their set at the Big Day Out in Sydney...

AT THE DRIVE-IN are reported to have walked offstage during their appearance at the BIG DAY OUT festival in SYDNEY, after fans refused to stop crowd surfing.

According to Rolling Stone Australia, [url=], the band left the stage after just five songs on Friday (January 26). Vocalist Cedric Bixler told the audience it was “a sad day when the most imaginative thing people can do to express themselves is to crowd surf and kick others in the head”.

When they refused to stop crowd surfing, Cedric said they were only doing it because they “learnt it from television”, before mimicking the sound of a sheep.

At The Drive-In have spoken out in the past about their dislike of fans crowd surfing at shows. Guitarist Omar Rodriguez said: “It?s gender-biased. It?s made so that big macho males can stand at the front and little people like myself and women and children have to stand at the back. That?s besides the fact that it?s just violent. We hope that our music doesn?t make other people feel violent.”

At The Drive-In return to the UK, and play a sold-out NME Carling Awards show at the London Astoria on February 2. Support comes form Gay Dad, My Vitriol and Terris.