Guitarist Omar tells NME.COM the land Down Under had a "deep impact" on the band when they toured there recently...

AT THE DRIVE-IN plan to move to AUSTRALIA to write material for their new album, following the “deep impact” their first visit had.

The band arrived in Australia for the first time at the beginning of the year, playing a series of club shows between appearances on the Big Day Out touring festival.

Speaking to NME.COM prior to the band’s headline appearance at the NME Carling Awards show at the London Astoria, guitarist Omar said the country – in particular Melbourne – had such a “great culture” they hope to return later this year following the band’s tour commitments.

He said: “We’re going to try and set a date when the touring will end for this record. The plan will be to go to Australia for a couple of months to write because it had a really deep impact on us, so we’ll write for a couple of months and see what happens…

“We all found our niche, everyone. It really clicked with us, and in Melbourne the arts are alive and it has a bohemian feel to it. It was really happening. Something good was coming in, so it only means that something good can come out.”

Omar said the band are now “bored” of touring current album ‘Relationship Of Command’, because they have been playing similar live sets “every night”. However, they are yet to decide what direction any new material will take.

He continued: “We learned our lesson with ‘Relationship Of Command’. The EP before that was a little more mellow and experimental, and we thought we wanted to go in that direction, started saying that in interviews, that we wanted to be a little more electronic. We ended up writing the most rock record we have ever written, so we realised it’s pretty much out of our hands and is going to write itself.”

Omar has also been working with singer Cedric on their side-project band Defacto, who plan to make their UK live debut later in the year.