Atari Teenage Riot frontman accuses music giant of 'stealing' one of his tracks...

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT’S Alec Empire is accusing music giant Sony of using one of his tracks without permission for a television advert.

A furious Alec claims the Taiwan branch of the global corporation used ‘No Remorse’ for a camcorder advert without asking for consent and concludes:”F U C K SONY!”

Speaking on his label’s website [url=]digitalhardcore he says: “We never ever give tracks to corporations to advertise their products (more and more companies contacted us and offered us a lot of money).”


“We said no to NIKE, Miller Beer, and a lot of others… And suddenly we found out through some friends that Sony just took our track and didn’t even give us a credit (which is perhaps good – so it becomes so obvious to everybody what they are trying to do)….SONY just went ahead and took this sound and used it. The money didn’t matter for us in the first place so no payment can repair the damage.”

Alec said his legal representatives were investigating the situation and that he hoped to have had it resolved satisfactorily by the end of this month.

The ATR frontman also alleges that Sony have done a similar thing before to Detroit techno label UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE where they released a cover of a track of theirs called ‘Knights Of The Jaguar’ by DJ ROLANDO without their permission, because they knew UR wouldn’t licence the track to them.

Sony have yet to comment.

Meanwhile, ATR are busy putting the finishing touches to their as yet untitled live LP, due out this spring.