Part 3 of Alec Empire's diary...

4th DAY: Berlin/ Germany 22-11-1999

Berlin, Berlin! We are back! And in the beginning of the year we decided not to play another show in Berlin apart of the 1st May demonstration against the NATO bombings.

But now we’re here. The promoter didn’t advertise us anywhere – so even our friends are surprised that we play. Especially that we play at 8:00 when the doors open at 9:00 !(.) We are not surprised.


This is the city where I grew up! We hate it and it hates us. I mean just to give you an example – there is a radio show – it was like two years ago – when Bjvrk released these remixes of Yoga and some other songs – and they make this one hour special here with all remixes and play everything apart of my ones – they didn’t even mention them – This is Berlin for us, do you understand what we mean.

It was such an inspiring city once and now it’s full of government people who close everything down that’s fun – The mayor is very into this New York zero tolerance strategy.

The police violence hasn’t solved the social problems at all – But we don’t give up on this city – never! There are some of the most talented musicians and artists here and that makes me optimistic – we will change this sooner or later! So back to the show: It’s simply the worst show we’ve done this year – of course! Because there was simply nobody there.

200 goths or so – Nine Inch Nails were in the audience!!! – The keyboard player started pogoing – of course some kids started to harass Trent and he had to watch the rest of the show from the side of the stage. but it was cool.

it would have been so great to see our audience clashing with theirs. but nobody knew – even our friends came at 9:00. hopeless – The best part was when in the middle of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT II the power for all the lights went and it was complete darkness. hahaha yes these things don’t only happen in Bristol – it can happen in a 5000 capacity hall with 200 goths. the curse – and it’s our own fault because we promised in May when our record came out that we will only play on the demonstration and nowhere else.