Digital Hardcore shock troops invade London this month in advance of new album 'Sixty Second Wipeout'...

Atari Teenage Riot headline the next Peel Sessions show at the Royal Festival Hall (March 19).

Support comes from fellow DHR artists Shizuo and Christoph De Babylon.

DHR’s Ec8or will be travelling to England with the bands to record a new session for John Peel‘s Radio One show.

Atari Teenage Riot release a new album ‘Sixty Second Wipeout’ on May 10 through DHR.

The tracks are

By Any Means Necessary Revolution Action Western Decay ATR II Ghost Chase Digital Hardcore Too Dead For Me US Fadeout The Virus Has Been Spread No Success

Check back next week for news of an web chat with DHR /ATR supremo Alec Empire.

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