Miss Black America recorded during sessions for last Atari Teenage Riot album...

Alec Empire releases his solo album Miss Black America this week.

A limited edition release, it was recorded during the sessions for ’60 Second Wipe Out’. The album isn’t really intended as a single body of work, ranging as it does from tracks built from crowd noises during a Black Sabbath gig in the 80s to more hypnotic tracks.

The full tracklisting is:

‘Dfo2’ ‘Black Sabbath’ ‘The Nazi Comets’ ‘It Should Be You Not Me!’ ‘They Landed Inside My Head While We Were Driving In The Taxi Up To 53rd Street And Took Over!’ ‘The Robot Put A Voodoo Spell On Me’ ‘I Can Hear The Winds Of Saturn’ ‘We Take Your Pain Away’ ‘Blood And Snow’