The Hoosiers cover Justin Timberlake at Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions

Athlete play post-illness set

The Hoosiers covered Justin Timberlake during Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions tonight (November 21) at London‘s Union Chapel.

The band played a slowed down version of ‘LoveStoned/I Think She Knows’.

Accompanied by a string quartet, singer Irwin Sparkes said: “We’re going to play ‘LoveStoned’ now. We’ve already played this twice today, so you’re very lucky. We did it for ‘The Live Lounge’ with someone…I forget who,” making reference to Little Noise curator Jo Whiley.


“It’s Jo Whiley,” said drummer Alfonso Sharland.

“What?” asked Sparkes‘LoveStoned’ by Jo Whiley? Wow! She’s really talented.”

The group also played a version of Leonard Cohen‘s‘Hallelujah’, which Sparkes introduced by saying: “We’re going to do a great song next which needs no introduction, so just forget everything I’ve just said.”

Later on Athlete announced that the gig was a cause for celebration.

“Last week,” singer Joel Pott said “Carey (Willetts – bassist) had pneumonia,” causing the crowd the burst into a round of applause.

After playing ‘Beautiful’ Pott said, in reference to the church venue, “What a great reception from our congregation! I’ve always wanted to say that.”


Earlier, during Palladium‘s set, singer Peter Pepper said: “We’re supporting Mika on tour. A little girl came up to us and asked us who I was. I said ‘We’ve been supporting Mika. She started crying, and said: ‘Why? What’s wrong with him?’.”

They played stripped down versions of ‘White Lady’ and ‘High Five’. Before playing ‘Happy Hour’ Pepper said: “We’re not quite used to doing this acoustically, but it’s cool.”

Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions continue tomorrow (November 22) with a set from Will Young.