Athlete complete North American tour in LA

US jaunt comes to a close at the Troubadour

Athlete have completed their North American tour at a packed Los Angeles club.

Though the audience at the Troubadour initially lived up to LA’s reputation as a town full of somewhat standoffish music listeners, the band’s thundering midset stabs at ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Half Light’ on Wednesday (November 14) prompted the crowd to sit up and listen.

“Do you have the new CD yet?” asked lead singer Joel Pott early in the night, encouraging showgoers unfamiliar with the new album ‘Beyond the Neighborhood’ to stop by the merch table.


Later, however, the spindly opening notes of ‘Airport Disco’ were greeted with enthusiastic cheers, and Pott couldn’t help cracking, “Ah, song recognition! I like that!”

The crowd was unable to resist the band’s charms, and by the end of the 75-minute show, new material like ‘Second Hand Stores’ was receiving the same adoring response as monster hit ‘Wires’.

Athlete finish the year with a string of dates in Spain and Germany before returning to the UK in January.

Athlete played:


‘You Got the Style’



‘Airport Disco’


‘Yesterday Threw Everything at Me’

‘Best Not to Think About It’

‘Half Light’


‘The Outsiders’


‘Shake Those Windows’

‘Second Hand Stores’

‘Twenty Four Hours’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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