Will the girls' cover of the '80s power ballad 'Eternal Flame' reign supreme next week?...

ATOMIC KITTEN are being tipped as the most likely new release to knock ROBBIE WILLIAMS from the top of this week’s UK single chart.

Yesterday (July 22), Williams‘ double A-side single ‘Eternity’/’The Road To Mandalay’ remained at the top of the singles chart for a second consecutive week.

Today (July 23), a number of bands release new singles in hope of stealing Williams‘ crown. Destiny’s Child release ‘Bootylicious’, O-Town release their new single ‘All Or Nothing’ and Catatonia mark their comeback with a new single ‘Stone By Stone’.

However, a chart expert at Virgin records in London said that in their opinion the only song with a real chance of making it to the top of the charts is Atomic Kitten‘s cover of The Bangles‘ ‘Eternal Flame’.

She commented: “I’m reluctant to stick my neck out at this early stage because it’s going to be a close run thing until the end of the week. However, Atomic Kitten do have the advantage, mainly due to marketing and pricing.”

Elsewhere, other new releases come from REM, who release their new single ‘All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star)’, Cosmic Gate, who release ‘Fireworks’ and Diane Rakeem, who releases her new single ‘Sweeter than Wine’.

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