'Showtime At The Stadium' takes place in Cardiff - but no sign of any huge names yet...

ATOMIC KITTEN, CHARLOTTE CHURCH, and MIDGE URE were in CARDIFF to announce a major new LIVE AID style event today (July 10).

‘Showtime at the Stadium’ at the town’s Millennium Stadium will mix pop and rock stars with West End actors and dancers to recreate songs from famous shows – all to benefit AIDS charities.

But Ultravox star Ure, who co-promoted 1985’s ‘Live Aid’ concert with Bob Geldof, was quick to dispel earlier press reports that Madonna, George Michael and Robbie Williams are to join in the event.

He said: “Robbie Williams is going to be on a plane on the day of the show I understand. We’ve spoken to a lot of people. Celebrities do tend to get asked to do things like this a lot though.”

No official line-up has been announced yet for the gig on October 20, although Sinead O’Connor has confirmed that she will appear.

60s singer Petula Clark, who was also at today’s conference, added: “There are no headliners in this. We are all just as committed to it.”

Liz McLarnon from Atomic Kitten said: “We don’t know what we’re going to be doing yet, but it is going to be a lot of fun.”

The show, in front of a live audience of 60,000 will raise cash for AIDS research and treatment through the ‘Red Hot AIDS’ charitable trust.

It will be broadcast live on Radio 2 and BBC television. Highlights of the gig will also be transmitted on Radio 1.