The girl group hold off competition from Dido and Jakatta...

ATOMIC KITTEN are currently holding off competition from new releases by JAKATTA, DIDO, BBMAK and the BACKSTREET BOYS in the battle for this week’s Number One spot.

The girl group’s song ‘Whole Again’ remains the best selling single in the country after two weeks at Number One. If sales figures from yesterday (February 12) are representative of the rest of the week, they will beat competition from Jakatta’s ‘American Dream’ and Dido’s ‘Here With Me’ to the Top Spot. ‘American Dream’ is currently at Number Two, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus has fallen one place to Number Three, while Dido’s ‘Here With Me’ is currently at Number Four.

Speaking about Atomic Kitten’s success, a chart expert at HMV told NME.COM the “media hype” surrounding Kitten member Kerry Katona’s departure from the band will have influenced sales in a positive way. She also predicted the new Dido single will make a bigger impact on the charts this coming Sunday (February 19), and should end up “in the top three”.

Of the other new releases, BBMak’s ‘Back Here’ is at Number Five, the Backstreet Boys’ ‘The Call’ is at Number Seven, Debelah Morgan’s ‘Dance With Me’ is at Number Nine and ‘Can’t Keep Me Silent’ by Angelic is at Number Ten.

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