Kerry Katona cannot believe the way success has affected her life...

Atomic Kitten singer KERRY KATONA has hit out at the fickle nature of the music business, and the way that her success has affected even her own family.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, the singer with the Liverpool three-piece said: “It’s really good when you get home, everybody recognises you and you get loads of people coming over to you asking for your autograph, but with it being your home town, a lot of your friends start treating you differently as

well. So when they come and ask you for your autograph it’s like ‘you already know who I am’.”


She continued: “I find I’ve lost a lot of mates, it all boils down to

jealousy. And you’ve gained a lot of friends but you’ve gained all your

friends for the wrong reason. You’ve got to be so careful because you don’t know if they want to be your friend because you’re in Atomic Kitten, or if they genuinely want to be your friend, and a lot of them you find only want to be your friend because of who you are. I’ve seen aunties and uncles since I joined the band that I’ve never heard of. I haven’t got a clue who they are.”

While Kerry admitted that the experience had made her more cynical, she

believes that the group’s down-to-Earth nature is linked to their success. “I think it’s because we’re so down to Earth and we’re not pretending to be something that we’re not,” she said. “We say what we want, people like us because we’re real, and we’re not giving anybody false hopes. If they want the truth we’ll give it them.”

Atomic Kitten‘s debut album ‘Right Now’ was released last Monday (23 October) through


Virgin‘s pop offshoot label, Innocent.


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