Their version of 'Eternal Flame' boasts "stronger vocals"...

ATOMIC KITTEN have been telling NME.COM about their cover of the BANGLES’ ‘ETERNAL FLAME’ and their reworked debut album – with, according to NATASHA from the band, “not a trace of KERRY [KATONA]”.

“We’re not actually releasing ‘Eternal Flame’ as a single,” Natasha explains to NME.COM. “It’s going to be a new track on the new improved album, and it’s an absolutely brilliant cover. It is a bit hard doing a cover version because a lot of people slate you, saying that you’ve destroyed a perfectly good song, but I can honestly say that our version is wicked – the arrangement is amazing and a lot of people will be shocked when they hear it, because it is a really good cover version.”

Asked what differences there are in the track, Natasha continues: “The vocals are a lot stronger than the original – they were very soft, whereas ours is more powerful and there’s more impact the first time you hear it. It’s the same arrangement it’s just that now it’s a lot more modern.”

Those who think they can take the shock can hear it online at the girls’ website right now – just [url=]click here.

Bandmate Lizcontinues: “Now we’re a Number One selling band, people want to write for us, which is very nice, so there’s a couple of new tracks on the album, but we’ll never really deviate from using Andy and Stuart [McCluskey and Kershaw] because they’re so much our sound. So much so, in fact, that the first time we tried to use somebody else’s it flopped!

So we’re safe with Andy and Stuart.”

Liz also admits that she did consider that Atomic Kitten could be dropped from their label, Innocent. “I did think maybe there’d be a chance after ‘Follow Me’ didn’t do that well,” she tells us, “but we had a fantastic album, so we knew we were alright.”

Atomic Kitten‘s reworked debut album is due for release via Innocent later this month.